New twists on the Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned at Hog & Rocks (pictured above with a duck skewer) has long been my favorite Old Fashioned , so I’m intrigued bar manager Michael Lazar has added a whole new section to their cocktail menu called “Pimp My Old Fashioned.” (Obviously, they always do it the right way: no muddled fruit, no ginger ale, etc.) Here it is:


Bittered Sling (Eric Adkins) $16
Ch. briat hors d’age armagnac, gum syrup, bitters, grated nutmeg

Anticuado $16
Casa noble reposado, agave gum syrup, orange bitters

Oaxaca (Phil Ward) $16
Tres agaves reposado, del maguey ‘minero’ mezcal, agave gum
syrup, grapefruit bitters

Kingston $12
Appleton estate 12 yr rum, sugar cane syrup, chocolate &
orange bitters

The Willet 8 $ 15
H&R willet 8 yr barrel strength bourbon, gum syrup, orange

House Rock & Rye $11
Wild turkey and rittenhouse ryes, rock sugar, citrus, vanilla
bean, horehound

Smoker’s Delight (Gonçalo de Sousa Monteiro) $15
Laphroaig 10 yr single malt, tempus fugit creme de cacao, bitters

Can’t wait to have every single one! In one sitting! Like a pimp would!

Full cocktail menu here.

[Photo by Christina Castro]

38 Responses to “New twists on the Old Fashioned”

  1. Brillo says:

    It couldn’t have been your favorite for *that* long… they’ve only been open for what, 2 years?

  2. TinyTim says:

    Well, someone’s gotta comment on the prices:
    Let’s charge at least $35 for such drinks and add $45 for valet parking–that’s just for stopping off for the drink. Then it’s off to Simpkin et Cie for a round of small plates–starting at $65 apiece. By the time 10 PM rolls around (on a Wed. night), you’re just getting started on your main meal.
    [MissionMission reports on decadence. Hear ye, hear ye!] And have ye heard about micro-malt whiskey? It’s better than single malt–only grown on the southeast coast of a tiny island in the Shetlands called Laoghairiain. Less than 1/2 an acre of prime malt to produce the finest malt this side of well–Laoghairiain. Mixed with the finest Belgian chocolate it creates an excellent chocolate malted. Stir in a jigger of HTL Pluskers
    Olde Plebiscite and you’ve got a real smooth play. I’ll let you on to a neighborhood haunt that will pour you one for 1/2 the going rate, as long as you ride your bike there.

  3. J-Lub says:

    Anything with horehound in it has got to be amazing!

  4. Drinkin Man says:

    My recipe, a little simple syrup, a little orange bitters, a little Luxardo, a lot of Fee’s old fashioned bitters, 2 ozs of rye, ice.

    The lazy way where it is just too much trouble, 2 ozs of Rye, Fee’s, ice.

  5. Hmm says:

    I’ll be that dude: an Appleton cocktail priced at $12. HAHAHAHAHA! They got you good. Hough & Rocks.

  6. Mike says:

    $16 for a cocktail!? Wow!

  7. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Jesus. Those prices are fucking absurd.

  8. SKANDAL says:

    Back to 40s in the street, and fuck the 10 cent bag.

  9. davy says:

    I hate cocktail menus. A real man knows his drink without a menu. Especially a menu that starts at $11 per and goes UP from there.

  10. yeah says:

    I can’t say if these prices are right or not (as far as value), but jesus you need to be making some good money to spend $16 on a cocktail.

  11. bellpeppernostrils says:

    im going to make myself an amazing cocktail with all the tears being shed in this post.

  12. olu says:

    So, what’s the tip on a $16 dollar cocktail? 2 dollars? 3? So that’s basically a yuppie food stamp ($20) per drink?


  13. thuglifecrunk187 says:


  14. REALsfLOCAL says:


  15. C.R.E.A.M. says:

    I’ll never understand what compels bartenders in this city to fuck with the classics so much. Why not just throw a fucking Flaming Lamborghini on your menu and be done with it?

    Regarding the price of the drinks: it’s not like you’re out slamming fucking 10 of these every night. One of these is the equivalent of like 3 or 4 shots of whatever kind of alcohol you drink. Basically the same as grabbing 4 shots of Jamo throughout the course of the night when you compare dollars to booze. Quit being a cheap fucker. And when you do man up get that drink, don’t talk to your fucking date about how you can tell the difference between Rye X and Rye Y. You can’t, and you know it. Just stop.

    Disclaimer: I’ve been to Hog & Rocks and really enjoyed their cocktails, but god damn, if I see one more fucking made up cocktail for the sake of making up a cocktail I’m going to punch somebody in the dick. Maybe myself. That’s it, I’m done.

    • The most wrong thing ever wronged about says:

      ” One of these is the equivalent of like 3 or 4 shots of whatever kind of alcohol you drink”

      Not true at all. Not even close. That would be a disaster. People would be falling out all over the place.

  16. Kenny Powers says:

    I’m going to Shabooms!