This dude just used a chainsaw to cut a boot off his car

(Thanks, Lizzy!)

13 Responses to “This dude just used a chainsaw to cut a boot off his car”

  1. cranky young mission guy says:

    fuck them. that means they have at least 5 outstanding parking tickets. people should take care of their damn problems.

    • Cynthia Charlemagne says:

      If you don’t have at least 5 tickets you’re not driving in SF, punk.
      But yeah heheh stay cranky. I hated that Old Cranky guy.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        That’s because you’re a terrible person, but I’m pretty sure we’d already established that in response to your other posts.

  2. COMG says:


    cellphone post.

  3. Tommy says:

    Oh so you cut off the top half, that was on there before, where you showed the guy.
    Someone had to tell you, that you are helping to convict someone of a felony?
    My, how ‘aware’ you are. He had to have the car. Either to get to work, or do something bad. But you had no qualms about posting a video of someone committing a felony? Ahh yes,,, those bad people…they do the crime, they pay the time… years in prison…..and if he has a ‘prior’ then he could do deep time, at least a nickel. But he could have needed the car to work. OH no, ‘all of us can just ride bikes to work!”
    ….christ….no white people I knew in the mission in the 80′s and early 90′s would ever EVEN THINK of posting a video of something doing something like that. No, we didn’t have the tech. but we would not have done it.

    • AttF says:

      this what happens when you grow up in the wonderful world of consequence-less privilege. I could have easily ended up like one of these D-bags. I was an arrogant precocious tattle-tale smart-assed goodie goodie who was always acting clever and pointing out people doing bad things. At 12 years of age, my cousin and his friends took me ‘fishing’ and proceeded to beat the living shit out of me in the middle of the woods, which was followed by a lecture on how not to be a pussy. That dude is still like a brother to me and it’s the most valuable life lesson I’ve ever received.

      • COMG says:

        Too bad Woodward and Bernstein never learned that important life lesson like you did, bro. We could have had a complete second Nixon term… or maybe more!

        • AttF says:

          yeah dude. totally the same thing. hope you enjoyed that clever high all weekend.

          • COMG says:

            “yeah dude. totally the same thing.”

            Thanks for admitting it when someone points out a major flaw in your world view.

  4. koxie says:

    And then my roommate brought the boot home, in hopes of using it as a negotiating tool for her parking tickets. true story.

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