Second Salumeria location coming soon to a few blocks away from the original

The New 20th Street Corridor is still just getting going, and already one of its anchors is setting its sights on another corner of the neighborhood, Bryant near 15th. Eater SF reports:

Salumeria, the deli from the Central Kitchen and Flour + Water team, has signed a deal to open their second location there, in the lobby of the former Hamm’s brewery building. It’s a recently renovated mixed-use space that accommodates a number of offices, includingRdio and Asana, and will presumably provide a local lunch option for said offices in the otherwise industry- and chain-heavy corridor near the Potrero Center. [link]

It opens in September, and they’re gonna serve Hamm’s :)

[Photo by Google Maps]

6 Responses to “Second Salumeria location coming soon to a few blocks away from the original”

  1. Escobar 92 says:

    Pass the Salumi – I think I’m Bowie.

    Long live The Vats.

    • Gates says:

      That’s old school! Is it true there used to be punk shows there?

      • Escobar 92 says:

        You’re damn right kid. There are bits and pieces of info and vids out there in space.

        • Escobar 92 says:

          “about 200 bands”…wiki, please!


          San Francisco brewery

          The Hamm’s brewery in San Francisco opened in 1954 at 1550 Bryant Street and closed in 1972. Its 20-by-80 foot sign, with a 3-dimensional 13-foot beer chalice on top, appeared in the first Dirty Harry film and was a local landmark.[3][4] In the early 1980s, the beer vats were first squatted and then rented out to punk rock bands. Known as “The Vats,” the brewery was a center of San Francisco punk rock culture with about 200 bands using individual vats as music studios. The building was renovated in the mid 1980s and converted into offices and showroom space.[3][5]

          • Adam says:

            Hey Escobar, Sounds like you were there??? Any chance I can talk to you about The Vats? I represent the current owner of the building and we love hearing about the history of the place. We will be showcasing some of the history of the Vats as part of the ongoing renovation.

  2. dvtdl? says:

    Hmm… the article has been updated and states the following:

    “Update, 5:03 pm: We’re told this location will have a much more limited market component, with no fresh pasta and no beer or wine available to go. The opening date is targeted for September.”

    Does that mean no Hamms (or just no Hamms “to go”)?

    Please oh please don’t make me walk across the street to Safeway to get my “to go” beer.