WesBurger is here

That first one is called the “All-American” and the second one is the “Hot Wes” (a classier take on Jack in the Box’s “Hot Mess”). Both are available at WesBurger, a popup burger joint now open on Sunday nights in the Mission. They’ve been a huge success on Wednesday nights at Mojo on Divisadero, and now you can find them closer to home at Mr. Pollo, 2823 Mission, Sunday nights, 6-10pm. Plus, they deliver to Blind Cat AND Virgil’s Sea Room. Burgertime!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the inside of the “All-American”:

And here’s a fried-green-tomato appetizer:

And here’s Chef Wes hard at work at Mr. Pollo last Sunday:

He’s a burger genius, I’m telling you.

3 Responses to “WesBurger is here”

  1. Nickel says:

    Wes is a really nice guy and his burgers are fantastic. I approve of him serving these creations wherever possible.

  2. mamiel says:

    I’d hit that.

  3. someJuan says:

    How does one unhinge one’s jaw in order to take a bite out of one those burgers?