Social Studies residency at Brick and Mortar all November!

What luck! After seeing one of my favorite local bands cover one of my favorite all-time bands this past Friday, one of my other favorite local bands is performing every single Monday for the whole month of November!  And look, they’re playing with a bunch of rad other bands too!

Tonight’s an especially good one, with Tartufi and Upstairs Downstairs, and we’ll be personally presenting the 11/18 show!  Let’s party!

11/4 – Monday

  • Bay Bridged Presents
  • Social Studies
  • Upstairs Downstairs (EP release)
  • Tartufi

11/11 - Monday

  • Bold Italic Presents
  • Social Studies
  • Canons & Clouds
  • Mornings (members of Port O’brien, Rogue Wave, Social Studies)

11/18 - Monday

  • Mission Mission and Present
  • Social Studies
  • Foli (members of Social Studies, Record release)
  • The Tropics

11/25 - Monday

  • Spinning Platters Presents
  • Social Studies
  • The She’s
  • Ash Reiter

2 Responses to “Social Studies residency at Brick and Mortar all November!”

  1. sweet poster. who made it?