The Mission’s very own ‘Dating Game’ returns

It’s Z Dating Game at Z Space! And it happens again this Friday! It’s just like whatever dating game show you watched on TV back in the day, but it’s live, and in the Mission, and there’s booze and swearing!

RSVP and invite your friends!

To win a pair of tickets, tell us your best/worst Valentine’s Day anecdote in the comments section below. Winner will be judged based on merit and notified asap. Contest ends at 5pm today.

2 Responses to “The Mission’s very own ‘Dating Game’ returns”

  1. manuel says:

    I had a shitty valentines day one time. The girl was annoyin/unattractive. Since I’m the only anechdote and its 5pm I win correct???

  2. Jamie says:

    I’m too late for the competition, but my story’s better than this dude’s above.

    My best AND worst V-Day stories… BEST PART: I came home from work and my boyfriend of the time was already in my room, ready with chocolate-covered strawberries he had dipped himself and a bottle of champagne. WORST PART: He dumped me a week later, ironically enough. I wonder how long he’d been planning both!

    This year was also on my list of the best. My boyfriend and I recently moved in together and had a housewarming party the weekend of V-Day. He had written me a lovely card (and even drew a heart on it, which says a lot given his artistic abilities)and bought me a pair of new boots (the card would have been just enough, I was so touched). After the party, he wanted to give me a “real” V-Day out so we planned on sushi… then he got sick… so we ordered pizza and watched a movie at home, which was absolutely lovely because we have been running around so much recently. So after he felt a little better, he insisted on taking me out for sushi. Sigh, I’m a lucky girl :)