20 ways people had fun on Memorial Day

[Erin in Sierraville, Ca]

[Schlomo at the Treasure Island Flea]

[Meat at 4505 Meats Burgers and BBQ]

[Christine in the Mediterranean Sea]

[Primo in a park tailing some dogs]

[Simon and pals on Tomales Bay]

[Annie at the game]

[Caroline dressed up as a '90s teen rom-com heroine]

[Stella in a hammock]

[Emma's berry pie]

[Carlos and Elle at the Bean]

[Jason in a hammock]

[Adam horsin' around]

[Andi and Colin and a famous dino]

[Amos on a boat]

[Christina in San Jose]

[The Sprays in Muir Woods]

[Angela and pals in a creek]

I hope you had fun too! I personally swam in the bay at Crissy Field and it was awesome. Follow all these ‘grammers for lots more fun!

One Response to “20 ways people had fun on Memorial Day”

  1. Animaldance says:

    lol, happy memorial day!