Anti-gentrification rock

[via Emma Silvers' review of Katie Day's new EP]

26 Responses to “Anti-gentrification rock”

  1. man, I’m so sick of this shit. if you can’t afford to live in the mission then leave. it’s called C-A-P-I-T-A-L-I-S-M people. Get rich or get the f out.

    May the tech bubble never burst!

  2. DJ Adam Smith says:

    “Supply and Demand”

  3. Frank N. Furter says:

    White hipsters who displaced blue-collar hispanic people angry about being displaced by white nerds.

    LOL, irony.

    • class says:

      Well the white hipsters were also working class, they did service work. They didn’t really displace exactly, just crowded out. It’s cultural.

      six figure salary programers are economically displacing people. There’s a class element to that. It’s different. It’s worse.

      • umm says:

        i don’t think you know what that word means (class). white hipsters are not in a different class than the white collar workers and working part-time service jobs doesn’t make them ‘working class’. almost all of the new (last 5-10 yrs) residents of the mission came from middle and upper class homes.

  4. Spencer Christian says:

    this too

    i love that people are taking the opportunity make art with all this anger thats being perpetuated … Its like… a scene!

  5. scum says:

    Katie Day is as local as it gets. From her website. “After her 2010 move to San Francisco, Day began to and further expand and develop her sound”

  6. I dig some of these tracks, but falling on tropes for writing gets old fast. Like listening to a bunch of people calling each other hipsters.

  7. Max says:

    As long as this stuff still gets tech douches’ lulu lemons all twisted up I say go hipsters go. You people are fucking bland and need to stay down in the peninsula

  8. Spencer Christian says:

    It sucks you guys cant enjoy it
    Where the fuck is the music you make you twats

    • scum says:

      I missed the part where anyone actually said anything about this alleged “music”.

      • ass says:

        thank you, scum, for pointing out how this is barely music.

        also, screaming fuck you into a mic is SOOOO punk, little hipster girl. enjoy that anger when you’re 45 and your tattoos are sagging.

    • Troll says:

      Music’s just music until you put a polarizing message into it (and do so in a hypocritical manner).

  9. meepmeepmeep says:

    oh the irony.

  10. umm says:

    when artsy entitled white kids displace hispanic blue-collar families: ‘the mission is so cool, i love the edgy vibe and i like hanging out at the Phone Booth now that it’s not so gay!’

    when new entitled white kids displace the last wave of entitled white kids: ‘GENTRIFICATION IS RUINING THE MISSION! I’M ON THE SIDE OF THE HISPANIC FAMILIES WHO SURVIVED MY INFLUX! SI SE PEUDE!’

  11. umm says:

    also ironic: these songs being shared on youtube, soundcloud, and vimeo. oh and don’t forget to check out literally all of these bands on facebook!