El Rio’s new facade!

Here’s the description:

You all have been chatting us up about your fear over the club changing with the influx of new crowds to our hood. We have always been a all good folks welcome kind of local with a soft spot for the underdog. the queers and oddballs of the world. New members of the tribe are welcome. We are making some changes around the club to clarify who we are and Xara has helped us with a fabulous mural out front. We hope you walk up and see yourself in those images and words. We love you all~ Thanks for making us what we are!

[via El Rio on Facebook]

4 Responses to “El Rio’s new facade!”

  1. suckerpunch says:

    While I’m not in love with the facade, El Rio pretty much can’t do no wrong in my book.

  2. Travis says:

    I was more excited about it before they added the final round of splotches. The plain pure stripey parts were nice.

  3. Brad says:

    Does the awning really say “Your div”? Love it.