Brunch is not boys’ night

Yesterday on Tumblr I shamed my friend Wesley for flaking on a hang, using this list of recent boys’ nights:

  1. North Beach w/ Chris and Luke
  2. Diarrhea Planet w/ Colin and Nick
  3. Mission Hill Saloon w/ Simon and Marky
  4. Improv show (7pm), karaoke (9pm), or Mission Hill Saloon (11pm) w/ Wesley Oh wait, Wesley bailed on all three things, one at a time

Wesley responded thusly, via an intermediary:

Brunch is not boys’ night, Wesley. (But brunch was fun, you’re right.) (We had that bomb $5 toast!)

One Response to “Brunch is not boys’ night”

  1. YuckFuppies says:

    Riveting, another great MM post!

    Would read again.