“As if I go to North Beach”

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From Missed Connections:

You were hungover on the 21 – 8:00 am – w4m (hayes valley)

I was standing on the 21 this morning (got on at Buchanan, heading downtown), you were sitting down directly in front of me. You kind of nudged me with your foot and when I looked at you, you were waving as if you knew me. I couldn’t really see your face because you were wearing a Warriors hat and sunglasses, so I just rolled with it and pretended I knew who the hell you were, mostly because it was amusing to me, and also because I didn’t want to ask “um who are you?” on a full bus first thing in the morning. I said “oh hey, what’s up, how are you” and you replied that you went to “a few bars last night”, then gestured at your coffee, implying a hangover. You said something else about a friend asking you to go to North Beach and scoffed “as if I go to North Beach”. I gave you a courtesy laugh, pretended to look at something on my phone, then moved to the back of the bus.

I’m not sure if you mistook me for someone else or if I actually know you. If you are reading this, please tell me who you are, it’s driving me nuts not knowing.


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How to address a tech bro if you don’t know him very well

When you’re running late

Former local blogger Ramona takes a look at lateness:

The thing about making someone wait for you is that it communicates to them that you don’t care if they hate you. This is fine if you’re a boss or a doctor or a host at any restaurant in New York. But you’re not a host at any restaurant in New York, and you’re definitely not the boss of me. You’re my friend, or you were until you sent me a text saying that you were running a little late when you had already pushed the meeting time back an hour. You can only stretch the meaning of “a little” so far before it becomes tomorrow. Or stretch the meaning of “meeting” so far before it becomes “cancelled meeting.” (Maybe one reason my friends balk at meeting me on time is that I refer to grabbing drinks as “a meeting,” and “a binding legal agreement.”)

Why do people make plans linked to times when they’re going to act like they don’t exist? Why do they wait until ten minutes before their plans start to finally get around to looking for that winter hat that they lost in their closet last year? Why not stop making plans altogether and just say “I’ll see you sometime” and then walk around Union Square until they run into someone they know or die of a broken heart?

Read on for Ramona’s startling conclusion.

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Brunch is not boys’ night

Yesterday on Tumblr I shamed my friend Wesley for flaking on a hang, using this list of recent boys’ nights:

  1. North Beach w/ Chris and Luke
  2. Diarrhea Planet w/ Colin and Nick
  3. Mission Hill Saloon w/ Simon and Marky
  4. Improv show (7pm), karaoke (9pm), or Mission Hill Saloon (11pm) w/ Wesley Oh wait, Wesley bailed on all three things, one at a time

Wesley responded thusly, via an intermediary:

Brunch is not boys’ night, Wesley. (But brunch was fun, you’re right.) (We had that bomb $5 toast!)