House of Jeans has smaller pockets than its new landlord, must fold

Capp Street Crap, the best hard news source in the Mission, talked to the House of Jeans folks AND their new landlord:

A little over three decades ago, the clothing store at 2645 Mission near 22nd Street did such a gangbuster business that owner Norm Anand launched more than a dozen other stores along the street based on that success. Now, as the tony new condo project Vida takes shape and the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema prepares to open on the street next year, Anand is down to just three stores and working on shuttering the flagship business due to what he claims are the unscrupulous tactics of his new landlord.

On May 29, Mission 22nd LLC acquired 2639 to 2645 Mission Street, a three-story, 11-unit building, which is also home to a sports store and residential units. As a result, House of Jeans’ rent went from $4,350 to $6,500. Then, a month ago, Anand said he received a 3-day notice to vacate and was told he owed back rent. Anand still has three-and-half years left on his lease and said he owes nothing save for September rent which he is withholding at the advice of his lawyer. He claims the landlord agreed to buy him out if the landlord terminated the lease early, is now reneging on that deal, and that the rent money he supposedly owes is for months before the sale of the building.

Read on for lots more ins and outs and quotes from both parties. (Including one about big pockets.)

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  1. m says:

    Odds of the West of Pecos guy getting his hands on this and turning it into a cocktail bar that “maintains the rugged feel of House of Jeans, while adding a fresh New Mission mixology twist..”?

  2. ALWAYS HIGH says:


  3. ALWAYS HIGH says:


  4. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    He will be sorely missed….NOT

  5. ya heard says:

    word on the street is that a couple of Facebook execs have purchased a ton (like, most?) of the real estate along Mission street (including the building at 18th/Mission: So, not sure if jeans guy has one of the FB exec landlords, but prepare for Mission Street to look real different soon.

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      Can you tell us any more about this?

      • Brock says:

        Not entirely accurate, but not just “word on the street,” either. Here’s a story from SF Magazine back in Feb. about Owen Van Natta, the ex-COO of FB, buying a bunch of Mission properties: . Referenced later in this Mission Local post:

        That SF Mag story mentions the appearance of Tom Van Loben Sels, tax consultant to well-heeled Valley-ites, on some of the property records. Van Loben Sels also appears as the service agent for a bunch of other LLCs, some of them clearly single-property entities, e.g. 2205 Mission LLC, which owns the building at 18th & Mission mentioned in the comment above. A full (I think?) list of businesses attached to this name is at

        So sure, you can make the case that an ex-Facebook exec owns a good deal of property on/near Mission Street. “Most” is a long stretch, but he does own a solid double-handful.

        The LLC that owns the House of Jeans bldg, Mission 22nd LLC, lists as its agent for service a Michael Yancey: It’s unlikely that Van Natta — who owns a giant house in Palo Alto, down the street from Mark Zuckerberg, who fired him four years ago — would have switched from Van Loben Sels’s Palo Alto firm to Yancey’s San Francisco firm for the management of his property-holding business entities. Of course, that doesn’t tell us who the human behind Mission 22nd LLC actually is.

      • ya heard says:

        to say a couple FB execs bought a ton of property on Mission is admittedly incendiary and vague. This info comes from talking to merchants on the street who are in a position to know (share the same broker, etc.) My tone of doom is personally just a fear about nerds buying shit because they can. People who have spent their careers climbing up corporate tech ranks or have just been lucky (right place right time) to be an early hire are not necessarily the ideal people to helm property development and impact civic/urban planning.

        What makes the Mission interesting IMO is the economic and cultural diversity, not a street of mediocre, competing craft breweries or whatever. If rich nerds want to buy shit, that’s fine I guess… but, I just hope they’ll turn the creative stuff over to the experts (legit artists, architects, designers, etc.) rather than undertaking vanity projects because they need to assuage their guilt at having a ton of out of proportion, undeserved wealth and feeling a need to “build something” in order to justify it.

      • Tip says:

        FB is increasing their corporate presence in SF. Zuck wants to walk to work from his Mission home. News at 11.

    • Old Mission Neighbor says:

      word on the street is that they’re giving away all the lots for free! ya heard?

    • Schlub says:

      “So, not sure if jeans guy has one of the FB exec landlords, but prepare for Mission Street to look real different soon.”

      Look like what, facebook? Help.

  6. SFrentier says:

    Perhaps Jack Spade would be interested in the space.

    The times, they are a ch-ch-ch-changing….chaa-ching!

    As for the rumor FB execs are buying up mission street…..relax! Even if a couple FB homies brought a few bldgs, big whoop. There is a huge diversity of owners of comm props on mission st. Quite a few Latinos keeping them as family legacy to boot too. “Boy, sure am glad gramps had the gumption to buy this (formerly) POS bldg in the 80′s.” Well played, sire, well played.

  7. Amy says:

    Norm Anand is one of the biggest assholes in the mission district. He spits on women who have done him no wrong. Gets on muni busses to grab women like there ass and chest areas. My friend was attacked by this very man yesterday on a muni bus for no reason. Then proceeded to tell her that he was going to kill her. He has some deep issues with people no wonder no one likes him on the street. I hope they take everything away from him.