Fashion at this year’s Treasure Island Music Festival

Overalls, man! Visit the award-winning local fashion blog Fashionist for lots more.

11 Responses to “Fashion at this year’s Treasure Island Music Festival”

  1. m says:

    Might possibly be worse than the music at Treasure Island Festival

    • m says:

      Also, nice to see the pastel hair dye jobs are finally catching on here in hip san Francisco a few years after the fact. Keep at it, pitchfork readers.

  2. Grizzled Mission says:

    25 years ago, a friend said “ugly is the new black.” Still true!

  3. it’s ok, but it’s no SWOMP THANG

  4. They’re all street-groovy in my opinion, but it’s depressing — I’d have to kick ‘em all out of bed, based on their youth. SIGH.

  5. JohnnyL says:

    There’s someone for everyone.

  6. Oyster boy says:

    Confusing, but inspiring. I’m now living somewhere that has more rigid fashion expectations. It’s stifling, even though I was never outside of one standard deviation.

  7. snacks says:

    dumpy-ass overalls