Cute plea

Go Giants!

[Photo by Bob Horn of CBS, via Joe Vasquez, thanks to Lea]

14 Responses to “Cute plea”

  1. DomPara says:

    Oh yeah? You’ve been here 6 years, huh? This ain’t your neighborhood, pal.

  2. Grizzled Mission says:

    I love the Giants.
    I want the Giants to win.
    Please don’t hurt my neighborhood.
    I get scared.

    Grizzled 47 years old

  3. Captain’s Log (47° 37′ 34.3488” N, 122° 31′ 16.4820” W): Neighborhood seems unusually quiet tonight, given Giants win.

  4. um says:

    is joey white?

  5. mike says:

    i believe dropbox speaks for us all:

    “Who gives a shit? Who cares about the neighborhood?”

  6. ProblemSolver says:

    I had a dream, that one day… a sports team can win and fans celebrate without being complete asshats to their own city.

  7. NOT says:

    This is fake. Also, the adult who made this doesn’t know any children.