The Uptown will live on, thanks to cool new ownership group

Capp Street Crap reports, in a post titled “I’ll drink to this: Uptown’s employees are buying the bar”:

Some good things are meant to last, even in the Mission in 2014.

After months of uncertainty following the death of owner Scott Ellsworth, Uptown’s bartenders are about to finalize a deal to buy the beloved Mission dive bar. Uptown bartender Shae Green said she, the five other bar employees and one of Ellsworth’s good friends, have just a few legal loose ends to tie up with Ellsworth’s siblings before the bar is theirs.

According to Green, Ellsworth’s sister in Colorado, Pam Stutheit, made it happen.

“She wanted to keep the bar open to honor Scott, a community center for folks,” she said.

Luckily, the soon-to-be owners are also on good terms with the landlord and are taking over the lease, which has four more years on it, with an option of renewing for an additional five years.

News of Uptown’s purchase is a bright spot in what lately has felt like a sea of disappointment.

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[Photo by Capp Street Crap]

2 Responses to “The Uptown will live on, thanks to cool new ownership group”

  1. ProblemSolver says:

    This makes me happy.

  2. Brandon Cruz says:

    Good for them!