Buttermilk is softly open

Southern cookin’ at 23rd and Bryant.

Here’s what it looks like:

Here’s the dinner menu:

The fried chicken was legit.

22 Responses to “Buttermilk is softly open”

  1. joe says:

    what’s funny about more and more of these places opening is that it proves the people that are so flush, are actually really stupid about economics. This kind of Re-Furb costs at least $300,000. Or $200,000? There is no way they can make that back at these ‘reasonable prices’…especially with a huge bust coming. They are not reading any economics experts that predicted the last bust of 2008. They are not paying any attention to actual earnings ratios to profit of any corporation in the USA, tech or not. They are just stupid. And their stupidity replaces community and REAL small businesses. Their vanity venture will fail. Within a year or two. Over half of the USA has less than $400 in the bank. You think San Francisco and the tech thing is a closed bubble from China’s 5 month downturn and half the EU in recession? A trillion dollar junk bond funded gas and oil slide? The democrats and republicans funding a worldwide asset and credit bubble the largest of history. My god.

  2. Tuffy says:

    Why are “Vegan” and “Jambalaya” the only words capitalized on the menu?

  3. Jamie says:

    I want to bring all my dirty laundry here and dump it. We want you to go away.

  4. Mikeeee says:

    What is that guy in the striped shirt doing?

  5. Emma says:

    This is what replaced our laundry mat in the neighborhood. Don Carlos and Juan who worked at the laundry mat for many years were promised jobs here that never materialized. Maria who sold tamales and orchata on the DL out front of the laundry mat most mornings is also not there anymore. Early morning workers came by just for her food.

    Whats new in the hood creates ghosts as the neighborhood empties of the old. Whats new in the neighborhood is never anything the neighborhood needs or can afford and most of it is laughable if it wasnt so destructive. The french bistro at 24th and Hampshire, the newer restaurant going in at the site of the old “Locals Corner”, the 4 apts Ellis evicted on my block where 3 generations of folks lived,including a grandma of 92 years…all to make way for $4000, $5000 2 bedrooms?

    This place opened “softly” because they are scared of the backlash… because they know in ghosts stories, the ghosts are sometimes real and hella pissed off. Up the backlash ghosty friends! <♥

    • Sam says:

      I don’t know what you mean, tamales were sold to workers in the morning, and me on my bike, at Hampshire and 23rd I think, maybe 22nd?

    • Old Crabby Pants says:

      Actually, that’s untrue. The owners hired Don Carlos for Buttermilk and for their other spot Sally’s. The workers all live in the neighborhood.

      The chef is Latino, the staff Latino, and the food good.

      They opened softly not because of backlash but because they need to get their groove on. On the night I went 2 servers were no shows. The one Latina who worked the tables was giving a round of applause after close by the Owners & Staff cuz Girl done worked it!

    • Greg says:

      Give me a break! There are still several laundromats within a couple blocks.

    • Caspar says:

      The ghosts will soon be forgotten as the living move on with their lives.

  6. two beers says:

    Oooh! Edison bulbs! Re-reclaimed wood! Who cares about the food or the gentrification implications: the decor is genius!

  7. Macks says:

    Looks nice to me.

  8. Greg says:

    We ate there on Sunday. Service was a mess but I expected that since they are new. It was funny to see the couple with a small child and a baby lose their shit and storm out since it took a long time for food to come. Maybe don’t bring two hungry kids to a soft opening!

    The food was mixed. I had the chicken and waffles and the waffle was absolutely amazing — light, fluffy, and crispy. The chicken had a cornmeal breading that was bland and while crunchy, was way too thick.

    Hopefully it will be great once they work out the kinks.

  9. John Stoan says:

    Food is great, staff is great, space is beautiful. Yes it’s a shame poor people can’t do their laundry there, but what are rich people supposed to do starve and/or move to Oakland?

  10. dave says:

    Wow. Another comfort food restaurant. How novel and exciting.

  11. SFrentier says:

    Anybody had the burger? Worth $14 clams, plus t & t (tax n tip)?

    I needs me a good burger nearby. Wise son’s ok. 11 clams.

  12. Michael says:

    Anson Mills is from South Carolina. Not the same thing.