John Moreland tells a story


I got tipped off to see John Moreland last night at Thee Parkside by a friend who saw him at Stagecoach last weekend. My friend had to see him again. I’m glad I came along. His powerful and beautifully poetic lyrics melted out of him. Watching John Moreland was mesmerizing. He sang of his truths and sadness and Tulsa, OK, and of a home he no longer called home. An exciting discovery, and hopefully a musician who will continue to glow in the limelight he deserves (but doesn’t seem to want or care about). Listen to his whole new album, High on Tulsa Heat, and hear it for yourself.

[Photo by Michelle Crosby]

2 Responses to “John Moreland tells a story”

  1. emilie says:

    Dude killed it!

  2. SFMUSIC says:

    Anybody who enjoys this artist should be supporting LOCAL bearded/bluesy troubadour Thomas Heyman who appears regularly at The Makeout Room.