Here’s a nice analog Yelp review of the new KronnerBurger

[via KronnerBurger on Instagram]

5 Responses to “Here’s a nice analog Yelp review of the new KronnerBurger”

  1. kjasdf says:

    So is Oakland safe for me and my Tesla to move to yet? Or should I wait

  2. JohnnyL says:

    It appears Oakland is the place to be now…

  3. emilie says:

    That’s barely “Oakland”.

  4. Sam says:

    Ha I remember when the guy left the Mission and complained how much the Mission has changed, and stated that he found a place in Oakland that reminded him of how the Mission used to be.

    So, I figured it was in Longfellow, maybe somewhere on Telegraph, hell even Fruitvale. But as to where he was ‘actually’ talking about, come the fuck on