Boogaloo’s may close soon

Eater SF talked to general manager Peter Hood on Friday:

According to Hood, the reason for vacating Boogaloo’s primo location is indeed due to their newly raised, “whacked out Valencia Street rent,” which the business wasn’t willing to pay. And while Hood confirms that the search for a tenant is on starting in September, he says “We want to stay as long as we can for our employees. Our main concern is keeping our current staff employed and helping them find new jobs.” Since the restaurant is just now hitting the market (with its whacked out rent), that means it could be a while. Either way Boogaloo’s will have 30 days notice, which means there will be time to snag a last “Temple ‘O Spuds.” And, says Hood, he’s “open to relocating,” if a reasonable rent still exists in this town.

Read on for more info and downer details.

The lease on the St. Francis Fountain space was listed for sale on Craigslist for a while a couple months back, not sure what’s going on with that though. But I’d bet a property like Boogaloo’s, located at 22nd and Valencia, will be snapped up real quick.

Gone are the days when friends could argue St. Francis Fountain vs. Boogaloo’s year after year, never worrying that either one might ever disappear.


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16 Responses to “Boogaloo’s may close soon”

  1. Jamin-Time says:

    I ate at Boogaloos once. That was enough.

  2. Chadwick says:

    RIP Boogapoops

  3. Sam says:

    If St. Francis goes away, I might actually cry over it.

  4. Isaac says:

    Good riddance.

  5. Greg says:

    Buh bye

  6. Tuffy says:

    Give me a break. Are you all so myopic that you can’t see beyond your petty hate for the place?

    That building is full of small businesses that are either owned or employ a lot of my friends.

  7. P Nerve says:

    Dude. Move to the Excelsior. Take over the old Chick-N-Coop!

  8. MrEricSir says:

    Boogaloos took a steep nosedive in recent years. The whole situation reminds me of when Ti Couz closed — those bemoaning the loss of their once-favorite restaurant clearly hadn’t eaten there in many years.

  9. Our Neighbor says:

    where else will i stand in line for 45 mins to have a sub-par breakfast??!

  10. Blexxxxch says:


    • ass says:

      Yes, indeed, the techies are indeed to blame for a shitty restaurant not being able to stay open after multiple health violations, terrible service, and food that makes most greasy spoons seem like health food sanctuaries.

      Also, FUCK YOU. Techies don’t other people. You assholes other people. We all belong here, not just art school dropouts who refuse to grow up.

  11. ass says:

    Sadly, we’ll all have to find another place to wait in line for 2 hours to get 100% guaranteed next day diarrhea shits.

  12. EH says:

    Can’t wait to get my hair cut here next year.

  13. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    A real bummer. Boogaloo’s has been a source of consistently high-quality, tasty food at a reasonable price for ever. Sure, it’s usually too crowded for me to bother waiting in line for, but it’s still on my go-to list when I’m around at times that it DOESN’T happen to be neck-deep in yupsters.

    I’ll be sad to see it go.