Boogaloos vs. St. Francis Fountain

My pal Nattles and I have a beef. We both like both places, but she prefers Boogaloo’s, and I prefer St. Francis, and sometimes it’s a problem. We decided to enumerate what we like about each place. First, Nattles and Boogaloo’s:

  • The people watching: Omer at the steps of that government building across the street (when he was around), the sidewalk sales on those steps… The bike lane & increased traffic in general on Valencia means you’re liable to run into more friends (and enemies) and see more strange sights.
  • The Boogaloos Classic: vegetarian biscuits and gravy. BOOM.
  • Desayuno Tipico: plantain cake!
  • I like flipping my coffee cup to indicate that Yes, I would love coffee like at an old school diner.
  • Corner shop – All the light!
  • Friendly people!
  • Coffee to-go at the front is serve yourself.
  • Nice to go alone to.
  • Straight up I’ve never found a dish at St. Francis that I *really* like, and I have two at Boogaloos that I haven’t strayed from in over 5 years.

Fair enough. Now me and St. Francis:

  • St. Francis has FRIES
  • It’s on 24th Street
  • There’s always a spot at the counter (unbeatable for solo dining)
  • It’s not on Valencia
  • The mimosas are better
  • The people watching is also great (24th Street!)
  • It’s not so bright! When you’re hungover, sometimes you don’t want it so bright!
  • I almost always order a grilled cheese sandwich with avocado and tomato and an egg over easy on the side, which I then plop on the sandwich. I’ve gotten this at both places and St. Francis just does it better. And it’s way better with fries, doy.
  • You get to watch sundaes and floats being made
  • Three’s Company trading cards for sale
  • On the rare occasion you have to wait for a table, the little bench out front is pretty clutch
  • Overflow dining room on the weekends, super-clutch
  • I just love the staff so much
  • You get to listen to the Clash or Talking Heads almost every single time

I love both places though. (FRIES!) Anyone else have any thoughts?

(Thanks, Nattles!)

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23 Responses to “Boogaloos vs. St. Francis Fountain”

  1. The service at Boogaloo’s is FAR better.

    Everyone working at St. Francis seems hungover as hell.

  2. Missionite says:

    Aren’t these two restaurants owned by the same people?

  3. scum says:

    Both places are like Dennys for hipsters.

  4. Melissa says:

    Bonus contender: The third location by the owners, Crossroads, in the middle of nowhere in Joshua Tree.

  5. mae says:

    I’ve lived 2 blocks from boogaloos for 5 years and have never been, annoying weekend crowd and the food doesn’t look appealing. I’ve been to st. francis at least 15 times, the food is always perfect diner style and the staff are absurdly nice. no contest.

    • Win. Sadly, though, I DID eat at Boogaloos. ONCE.

    • Grizzled Mission says:

      You haven’t been. “No contest,” indeed.

    • Valenchia says:

      The food is quite good at Boogaloos and the service is very efficient. I have been to St. Francis also but don’t think it is worth the extra walk (for me).

      BTW, the Puerto Rican pop-up on Friday night is worth a visit too.

    • suckerpunch says:

      “never been” does not equal “no contest”.

      not saying you are right or wrong, but what a weird way to finish your statement.

  6. well, duh, obviously. says:

    owned by the same people (weird fish is kinda in the mix too as I understand it)

  7. Fuck it — just go to It’s Tops Coffee Shop.

  8. PJ says:

    St. Francis wins for simply being about 100 steps from my front door (if that).

    Also, their biscuits taste more or less the way my mom’s do, so there’s a bonus reason for you.

  9. Ame says:

    What the hell is “clutch”?

  10. Jeff says:

    I found the food quality at St Francis has been dropping in the last couple of years and have pretty much stopped going unless we are going to the Brava. Got totally obviously burned pancakes a couple times in a row and in general everything feels a little half-hearted lately.

    I think the owners should have some people they trust go in a couple times in the same month to give some honest feedback.

  11. RedPill says:

    Boogaloos is reserved for newbie kid hipsters that can’t cook, been there a couple times and swore each time to never return.. Horrible food, I mean it’s total crap. If you don’t believe me listen to SF.Eater:

    St. Francis has much better food, but the hipster servers give off “this job is temporary” attitude. Still way better then Boogaloos though.

  12. bobwhobuilds says:

    Boogaloos sucks a little more than St. Francis. Both are terrible service and overpriced food you could make easier and faster at home. Fuck em both and the people that go there.