Awesome photo of Valencia Street by Google Maps

17 Responses to “Awesome photo of Valencia Street by Google Maps”

  1. timbo says:

    Yeah, fuck you google. Don’t blow up Garcon! That’s my secret spot.

  2. Some Jerk says:

    I know that guy… he works for Apple Maps

  3. Real-life Emoji Man!

    (When did that post fall off the Top Ten?)

  4. gregg says:

    YAAAA FUCK YOU GOOGLE ! hahahah. what a douche.

  5. Valenchia says:

    Why is it that Garcon — which is actually a very nice restaurant with excellent French cuisine — has such a tacky plastic sign out in front?

    • suckerpunch says:

      I saw that sign recently, and thought the very same thing.

      • JMC says:

        The owners must have thought the same thing as well, because their current sign is red on black, in the same script as the logo on the orange awning in the picture.

  6. Erik J Vandermolen says:

    Garcon, nice? meh. They served me red wine on a hot day when I ordered white, then brought me red wine with a fly in it, then they acted like it was my fault, then the food was way below mediocre, and all this on bastille day. The tacky sign fits. I think that guy is actually flipping off Garcon and just happened to look over his shoulder at the right moment.

  7. mcas says:

    Oh, hey — SF Weekly decided to steal your content with no link or attribution.