Valencia St Victory

Neighboring Bernalwood alerts us to new Google Street View imagery!  Not only are Bernal and La Lengua out of the Google black hole, but the Mission has updated images.

This guy in front of Pi Bar was happy to see the Google Prius:

In fact, he held this pose for quite some time:

Most impressively, he managed to keep his feet in EXACTLY THE SAME POSITION as Google drove by, yet he continued to move down the sidewalk. That, my friends, is talent.

20 Responses to “Valencia St Victory”

  1. O_* says:

    naaaace bellay

    • I know! I feel oddly compelled to razzberry. Imagine the perfect FWWWWWAAAAAAAP sound it would make!

      • Maybe Google will pay you to enact a FWWWAAAAP scene for Google Maps Street View posterity if you describe it to them in a detailed marketing proposal. I suggest you start working on a scene description and forward it to their ad dept. right away! It would be some seriously funny web history if you could convince them to sponsor a photo shoot of you performing a razzberry on this guy’s belly in front of Pi Bar. Tourists would street view the razzberry and then come flocking to the Mission saying, where is Cosmic Amanda and the guy with the flabby belly? We want to see some razz action!

  2. Quin2013 says:

    That’s just awful having to see his pasty white belly all over google. Good lord!

  3. Wilbur says:

    AWESOME. Good job dude.

  4. friv 250 says:

    i like piture

  5. The Problem with Larry says:

    You boys are stupid and don’t know what girls like.

    Its the theme of this here blog thingy.

  6. Russel P. Hackenstack says:

    I think he’s beautiful.

  7. tk says:

    By close of business Friday, somebody here will have identified this guy.

  8. Science Guy says:

    the writer has no spacial understanding. He is not moving down the street. its the angle of the camera as he’s moving by.

  9. yolo says:

    This picture doesn’t even capture how tubs he really is!

  10. He’s a government plant!

  11. Cat Scraps says:

    That’s Nick DeMarco, now of New York, wearer of apple bottom jeans.

  12. Damn, I gotta try that!