Local dog shreds local pavement on local pint-sized skateboard

Now that’s just right, am I wrong?

[Photo by Mary]

10 Responses to “Local dog shreds local pavement on local pint-sized skateboard”

  1. Quin2013 says:

    That’s just Awesome!!!

    And yes, you are right.

  2. didi game says:

    Thanks! very cool

  3. I’m going to petition city council to make a new law respecting this emerging skateboarding dog phenomenon. All dogs under 8 lbs. in weight must now traverse certain districts by skateboard only. This will help decrease sidewalk congestion and help increase cuteness and funniness in our city streets as well as improving SF’s relationship with the entire dog skateboarding industry.

    • rod says:

      This would come into conflict with the current city ordinance declaring skateboarding on any surface, street or pavement, a criminal activity. Skateboarding is illegal in San Francisco, at least for humans.

  4. scum says:

    There are 1,000′s of skateboarding dogs on Youtube.

  5. onressue says:

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  8. kizi says:

    You’re views on this topic resemble my own in many ways.

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