Mission Vegan: Brrrunch!!!

You guys, Hella Vegan Eats is doing a pop-up brunch RIGHT NOW at Dear Mom (until 5 PM). The menu looks amazing, but particularly the waffle fake fried chicken sandwich thing. Even better, you can eat brunch, have a few drinks, and then stay for dinner because Hella Vegan Eats is also doing tonight’s pop-up dinner! I’d totally do that, but I’m going to relive my emo youth tonight at the Fillmore (don’t judge me). I went to their last pop-up dinner at Dear Mom and it was fantastic. I highly recommend the Hunk Hunter sandwich.

If you can’t handle being back in a bar this morning, you can also get vegan brunch at Dante’s Weird Fish. Yes! Dante’s Weird Fish is open for brunch again and I’m extremely happy about this. I haven’t been for brunch yet, but the menu looks good, no? Their other restaurants, St. Francis and Boogaloos, are also reliable vegan brunch options. Okay, I need a (Worcestershire-free) bloody mary stat.

9 Responses to “Mission Vegan: Brrrunch!!!”

  1. trapgina says:

    silly ass regular vegans. when you folks are ready for some REAL food come talk to me about that, otherwise me and my raw vegan cohorts are gonna look down on you and your dumb ass dietary habits.

    • vagina says:

      silly ass raw foodies. when you folks are ready for some B12 VITAMINS WITHOUT PILLS come talk to me about that, otherwise me and my normal human cohorts are gonna look down on you and your incomplete dietary habits.

      • trapgina says:


        imma see whatcha talking about on these mean ass streets.

        last time a vegan bitch nigga tried to try me i fried that chicken steak guppy with my weed pipe.

      • mangina says:

        We’re sorry — we’re not here to take your troll. We’re at Burning Man, roasting and eating a succulent virgin boy who we found hitchhiking in the Sierra foothills. If you would like to leave a message, please do so after the beep.


  2. scum says:

    these advertisements are not subtle. F for effort.

    • Ginny Mies says:

      There’s a difference between advertisement and endorsement. I’m not getting paid for this post so this is not an advertisement. Am I endorsing the fuck out of Hella Vegan Eats? Hell yes! I want a women-owned business that serves vegan food to succeed. What’s wrong with that? There are very few places that serve vegan brunch around here (don’t get me started on Herbivore) and it is exciting that they’ve started doing pop-ups. If another Mission bar was serving vegan brunch, I’d write them up too.

      F for lame, tired, cliched comment!!

  3. jordanp says:

    Just FYI, I was at the brunch pop up, and the bartender pulled a bottle of vegan worchestershire sauce out for the occasion. Vegan bloody maries for all!