Widowspeak, the band that stunned the internet last month with its better-than-the-original Third Eye Blind cover, headlines the Swedish American Hall this Friday

Here’s the cover in question:

Here’s part of a little writeup about it:

The legacy of Third Eye Blind is a curious one. It’s generally agreed upon among cool people that they suck, but play “Semi-Charmed Life” in a Bushwick bar past 3am and everyone 26-34 will sing along to every word. It’s with that in mind that I present Brooklyn indie rock band Widowspeak’s cover of “How’s It Going To Be,” the second hit single off Third Eye Blind’s 1997 self-titled debut.

Stripped of frontmeth Stephan Jenkins’ delivery (which will never not rub me the wrong way)(I’m sure he’s a very nice person and I’m sorry), it turns out the skeleton of the song is quite good, and they manage to imbue it with their trademark Mazzy Star-like haze and understated melancholy. Their minimal guitar strumming evokes the Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane,” and the pedal steel twists the final knife in your heart.

If you haven’t been to a show at the newly refurbed Swedish American Hall (now programmed by the fine folks at Mission-based Noise Pop), you’re missing out.

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Get tickets for Widowspeak (with Elliot Maginot, Grounders, Misteur Valaire, and Yard of Blondes) here.

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