Should we form a separatist society and destroy all clocks?

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Last week we asked if we should all move to Stockton. And maybe we should. Or maybe we should form a separatist society, destroy all clocks and live in a dome.

Hiroshima-based artist (and longtime pal of Mission Mission) Allie Seekely explores this option in “Clockfree Persondome,” a new story/poem. Here’s an excerpt:

day 0 of the dome
initiation ceremony
come on down everybody

hammers, we brought
saws, we brought
knives, we brought
guns, we brought

hands ripped off
faces pierced and sliced
buttons smashed
gears crushed into powder

And it just gets better and better. Read on and prepare to be dazzled. (It’s a PDF, but it’s totally necessary that it be a PDF.)

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