Drama Talk & Drinks: Santaland “super not PC”

The final countdown to Christmas has begun! If you’re all done with your shopping, and have already seen Star Wars, you’re probably looking for something festive to do this holiday season while you’re off work and half the Bay is away visiting family. We did the leg work for you and went to Eureka Theater to check-out their holiday show of the season, SantaLand Diaries, by David Sedaris.

Brittany: That was cute. I really enjoyed it.

Katie: Really adorable.

B: I’m always impressed by people who do one person shows and can keep the energy up the whole time. He did great voices too. He was sweating like crazy, but he was on it.

K: I definitely agree, but keeping the energy that high bordered on corny for me; and I don’t usually respond well to corny. Most of the time I laughed, but there were other times when I felt “simmer down actor”. I really liked the writing though. I’ve never read anything by David Sedaris, but it was a really dry, raw humor.  The script was great and he was good enough to make it a really entertaining show.

B: I didn’t mind that it was corny, it’s a Christmas show after-all.  I was pleasantly surprised it was a little less cheesy then I expected. I also liked that it was not that long- like an hour.

K: True, I could have happily sat through more.

B: The stories are funny and some of them are sweet. You can tell it’s written a while ago though – a lot of the references are dated and I’m sure there are jokes I didn’t get because of that. There were also some things in it that were super not PC, that you would never hear now – making fun of people with learning disabilities, differently able-bodied people, etc.- so that was interesting… but as long as you can take a joke, I think this is a great time.

The Verdict: If you’re looking for laughs, or to appear “cultural” to visiting family, SantaLand is the way to go. It’s quick (runs for about 60 mins), entertaining, holiday fun.

The Drama Talk: Sedaris is a hilarious writer. His sardonic dry wit helps us laugh at ourselves, while bringing out moments of heart and humanity to soften the sarcasm. This production at Eureka theater has been running for fifteen years, and you can tell why it’s a holiday staple. The Crumpet we saw was full of energy, and kept the show moving. We left wanting more, which is always a good sign. If you’ve seen the nutcracker, and are looking for something with a bit more of an edge, this show’s for you. 

The Drinks: At one point in the show it’s pointed out that Santa is an anagram for Satan, so we decided to head over to The Remedie Room at The Devil’s Acre for post-show cocktails. Brittany got the Bourbon Crusta and Katie got a Sherry Cobbler and we toasted to making merry this holiday season.

Santaland runs through December 26th at The Eureka Theatre. Tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets for $25-35.

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