TCB’s Chas Christianson Interview

Yes, bro! You probably recognize this speedy guy from TCB Courier, our favorite bike courier service:

This is the same dude that smoked everyone by 29 minutes at the Mission Mission Alleycat in Oct ’09. Well, check out this great interview with Chas in a recent issue of Fixed Magazine.  In the article, he gets into his origins, winning races, and some of the more unusual deliveries they’ve had to make, including this one:

Someone had to pick up a custom leather order from one of the leather shops, Stormy Leather on Folsom and 5th, all the way out to the infinity tower, the brand new condo, 38th floor. You know, condos that cost multi-million dollars, and we’re delivering custom-made leather straps and things like that.

Check out the rest at MashSF.