Battling To The Death

It all goes down tomorrow night. The forces of local celebrity ping pong enthusiasts converge, on Capp Street of all places, to take on a ping pong grandmaster. Authors Roger Bennett and Eli Horowitz will present a slideshow for their new book Everything You Know is Pong.

From the far side of the table author Dave Eggers, musician Jerry Harrison and restaurant innovator Anthony Myint will stare down a champion who will attempt to embarrass the pretty boys by defeating them not just with a paddle, but maybe also a dead fish, a copy of the book or a piece of ice. You too can step up if you’re in the mood for some wicked humiliation, or death.

Tuesday, 12/14 at 7:30 pm – 190 Capp Street, at 17th – $10-$20 suggested donation, all proceeds go to 826 National.