Fun vote card

Meligrosa sent along a cool card she made that you can print out and stick your proof of voting sticker onto:

She adds:

hola all;
I made this little card for the United States 2012 presidential election, which is tomorrow Tuesday, November 6th.
VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Laminate it, bike it as a spoke-card, postcard it, read as bookdivider Etc.

// Get the (4x) set per letter-size sheet on Scribd:
Print › share › use them as you’d like.

And we all know where to vote, right?

It's Time To Pick A Side

In The Middle
Just kidding. It’s not about choosing sides. Right?

It’s time to vote. Matt Baume at SF Appeal has laid out the ayes and noes with some colorful graphs in a very helpful way, divided between the props and the candidates.

Look up your polling place and get a sample ballot at SFGov.

The San Francisco League are Young and Pissed Off and after the ballots are in you can join them at El Rio from 8:01pm-12:00am.

Anyway, go out there and do it, it’s fun and I always wear a tie on election days for some reason.

Voting Is Like Pressing a Button on a Remote Control with No Batteries

The other day I wrote a post questioning why very few young people attended the District 9 supervisor debate on Tuesday. A reader by the name of Concerned published a retort:

Has it occurred to you that the odds of any young person’s vote affecting the outcome of an election are on par with the odds that the large hadron collider will suck the earth into a black hole? (”So you’re saying it could happen!”) Electoral politics are a wasteland, voting is like pressing a button on a remote control with no batteries. I can understand why some old person might devote their time to that type of symbolic gesture, but compared to other youth passtimes (having sex with other youths, sangria), it is a poor investment.

That had occurred to me, and even if it’s true, and voting is just a symbolic gesture, why shouldn’t everyone be allowed to partake? Symbolic gestures can be fun!