Dueling Girafa Flickr Groups

A minute ago, WHAT IM SEEING put up a post that links to a photo set that contains photos in the 4-month-old Girafa Hunters Flickr pool. Great stuff in there. Almost as great as the stuff in the 12-month-old Girafa Flickr pool.

Update: Don’t get me wrong. Duplicate Flickr pools are great! They’re evidence — just like the vibrant imperfections of the Mission District, and the decaying cityscapes often covered on WHAT IM SEEING — that we don’t live in some kind of perfectly engineered fascist utopia. I mean, here’s hoping I don’t have to update this again next week because Microsoft’s figured out a way to cleanse its new property’s photo sharing service of duplicate photo pools.

(photo originally uploaded by elhalo)

4 Responses to “Dueling Girafa Flickr Groups”

  1. Plug1 says:

    ummm the above info is not right. the link on my page is to a set connected to my account. you have indicated that i link to a pool.

    not sure how you arrived at that, but i dont administer either pool.

    there is also another pool, here, with waaaay more pics here.

    i am responsible for neither pool, only my set, which contains pics that were all shot right in between the eyes by me. the guy who started the dueling pool can be found here.

    i appreciate the linkage, could you pls correct this post with the correct info?

    thanks mayn.

  2. Plug1 says:

    you dont have to publish my comment, thats cool. but can you pls update your post with the correct info?

    i couldnt find an email on this site or i woulda hit you up directly.

    thanks and keep up the good work, i check your blog on the regular.


  3. Plug1 says:

    ummmmm. doesnt link to photos, either.

    we are experiencing a communication breakdown here.

    so leave it the way it is. or change it. or dont. or whatever.

  4. Allan says:

    hey sorry about that (still recovering from nightbeat). no intent. and i’m not mad at guamafro either. just goofin around. thanks for reading.

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