Rotten Neighbor in the Mission

Rotten Neighbor is an intriguing new service that invites users to tell the world about their rotten neighbors. Here, someone near 14th & Guerrero shares some woe:

this little grey minivan and it’s owner are the bane of the existence of everyone on this block. the guy’s entire life revolves around parking and re-parking his van so he doesn’t have to go get a permit. he stands at his window and as soon as he sees you go near your car, either he or one of his dozens of family members living in his building go out and cut across traffic and wait for you to move so he can take your spot. while it was a lot of fun going down to my car 4-5 times a day to “look for my gl*****” or “grab my phone” and see him scurrying around getting to his car, the level of annoyance far outweighed any entertainment value.

I like how they censor “glasses” because it contains “asses”. It’s still in beta, to be fair, but how are these posts going to be truly effective if they can’t even say “asses”?

(via Boing Boing)

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