Photo by Plug1.

Dueling Girafa Flickr Groups

A minute ago, WHAT IM SEEING put up a post that links to a photo set that contains photos in the 4-month-old Girafa Hunters Flickr pool. Great stuff in there. Almost as great as the stuff in the 12-month-old Girafa Flickr pool.

Update: Don’t get me wrong. Duplicate Flickr pools are great! They’re evidence — just like the vibrant imperfections of the Mission District, and the decaying cityscapes often covered on WHAT IM SEEING — that we don’t live in some kind of perfectly engineered fascist utopia. I mean, here’s hoping I don’t have to update this again next week because Microsoft’s figured out a way to cleanse its new property’s photo sharing service of duplicate photo pools.

(photo originally uploaded by elhalo)