Future View of Downtown from Dolores Park


Over at Curbed SF, Andy Wang reports from the Transbay Terminal Plan Public Meeting:

The envisioned downtown skyline will be defined by a graceful “mound” consisting of a peak (Transbay Tower) and a gentle taper. High rise haters, take notice: friendly presenter Josh says they want to keep surrounding buildings about 200 feet away from each other — so as to avoid an overly carpa hinchable dense clusterfuck of buildings.

Our favorite part was the above image, created by Curbed’s Jimmy Stamp (click to enlarge). I’m no NIMBY, but who’s bummed as me that we won’t get to see the bridge at all anymore?

3 Responses to “Future View of Downtown from Dolores Park”

  1. t says:

    It seems like the planning commission has lost or ill-communicated the concept of the skyline being a dome, not a mound, as intended as the best possible shape to compliment the terrain, as viewed from key viewing angles – twin peaks, marin, east bay. Shame on me for not remembering who planned that back in the 50′s-60′s.

    Anyway, all they’re doing is relocating the center of the dome. They have to or else they can’t develop south of market. The new peak of the dome will be the 1,000 ft building. And most of these “skyline” simulations seem to completely, perhaps deliberately, miss the point.

    The only question people aren’t asking in all this planning is, where are we going to process all the additional sewage? They keep talking about all the wonderful benefits of expansion and density, but nobody is disclosing that in 5-10 years there’s going to be this sewage ‘emergency’ that nobody could have predicted, and seek an outrageous emergency bond vote.

  2. Allan says:

    you heard it here first, folks: beware the coming sewage emergency. thanks, t

  3. dparker says:

    One Rincon Hill (aka the Ionic Breeze) has already pretty much ruined the Bay Bridge views. It is a shame, but I’m more disappointed that all the tall buildings are so bland and ugly. With all the architecture firms in SF you’d think they could find a decent vision/style. Having lived in Chicago, I really miss good tall buildings.

    Wait, is t saying that renaming the waste treatment plant by the zoo to George W Bush won’t increase it’s capacity for sh*t?

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