$745,000 Mission District Street Improvement Plan

Transbay Blog reports:

The plan draws on a well-documented array of features to improve Mission District streets, including: curb bulbs to narrow the width of pedestrian crossings and to slow auto traffic at intersections; improved transit and bicycle amenities; ample and accessible sidewalks; and more street lighting and greenery.

The post identifies Chavez Street as a corridor in dire need of retooling, and provides the details of the project’s first public workshop, which is tonight at Chavez Elementary. Link.

Future View of Downtown from Dolores Park


Over at Curbed SF, Andy Wang reports from the Transbay Terminal Plan Public Meeting:

The envisioned downtown skyline will be defined by a graceful “mound” consisting of a peak (Transbay Tower) and a gentle taper. High rise haters, take notice: friendly presenter Josh says they want to keep surrounding buildings about 200 feet away from each other — so as to avoid an overly dense clusterfuck of buildings.

Our favorite part was the above image, created by Curbed’s Jimmy Stamp (click to enlarge). I’m no NIMBY, but who’s bummed as me that we won’t get to see the bridge at all anymore?