Little Star's 'I Assure You — We're Open' Sign Celebrated in Techy Web-Writing Circles

Last night I attended Queens of Content at Adaptive Path in SoSo, where Erika Hall delivered Copy as Interface which put forth the valuable principle that as a web writer one should strive to have one’s reader think “A human made a decision to make my life a little more pleasant with words.” This principle applies to all types of writing really, as seen on this slide featuring some signage from Little Star.

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5 Responses to “Little Star's 'I Assure You — We're Open' Sign Celebrated in Techy Web-Writing Circles”

  1. Jesse! says:

    what the hell is SoSo?

  2. Allan says:

    South of South Park

  3. Allan says:

    sheeeyit, what’s the problem?

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  5. Borrego says:

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