Improved Whiskey

Not that Beretta needs more praise (just today it was singled out as the New York Times’ most egregious omission in its weekend Valencia Street feature) but we finally did pay a visit late last week. Katie had asked Mission Mission readers for advice (Beretta: Hype or the Real Deal?), and she got a hearty response.

Many made clear that the cocktail menu is the star of the show, and it was commenter Johnny0 that mentioned the Improved Whiskey by name. Great name, and it lived up to it. Rye, absinthe and some other stuff, dry as can be. If you like whiskey, be sure to get yourself an Improved Whiskey. Thanks for the tip, Johnny.

We’re pretty sure all the food was good. The staff was efficient. The decor was fine despite being deficient one fountain. We also had an Italian lager we’d never heard of called Menabrea. Menabrea has a funny website.

One Response to “Improved Whiskey”

  1. PT says:

    Menabrea is THE hip Italian beer. I studied near Milan for a year, and the guys at Sotto Vento, the bar I always went to, introduced me to Menabrea. Ordering it earned you insta cool points at any establishment, kind of like ordering Fernet here.

    The food at Beretta is pretty good, and they’ll even fry an egg on your pizza, which is awesome. The downstairs area is really nice, upstairs is kind of crazy busy and noisy. It’s sort of yuppie hell, but then I guess when you roll in the Mission’s upscale eateries, that’s probably your demographic, even if you don’t want to admit it.

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