There's More to Life Than Making a Living?

Tree from the Free Farm Stand poses a revolutionary idea:

I must admit I like all the attention the free farm stand is getting, but I hope people connect with one of the ideas that I am trying to promote, which is to get away from the business model of doing things. It is about the crazy notion that there is more to life than making a living. That it can be totally wonderful to be a helpful person in the world in whatever way we can. For me one of those things is gardening and sharing my enthusiasm for growing food and flowers with others, turning others onto the idea of slowing down a bit and spending time with dirt and trees. And giving away any extra stuff, be it the too many things I collect or the extra food I grow does bring me joy.

He goes on to make a dozen or more other great points that genuinely for a second make me want to quit my job and grow beets. Link.

2 Responses to “There's More to Life Than Making a Living?”

  1. Ohhhhh, how I know. I so desperately am working toward living a life that is so much more than making a living… which is what where I am seems to be all about… bah!

  2. Life says:

    This moves me.

    Ive been wondering lately what more there is to life.

    I dont like the idea of the whole make as much money as you can blah blah blah.

    Im looking for something more to life.
    something that can make me feel happy