Red Bull Recap

Over at Static Fix, Alex has a word-for-word reenactment of the performance delivered by the play-by-play announcers at Saturday’s Red Bull Soapbox Race in Dolores Park. It begins thus:

Stu, is this great or what? This is great Jay! It fuckin’ rocks to be here right now in San FRAN-CISCO!!! Give it up for these fans. Let’s hear the fans. Whoooooooooo! Hahaha. That’s right. We’re here in Dolores Park. Red Bull bringing it to us so hard right now with the Soapbox Derby in DOLOR-ES! Whooo! Let’s throw it down to my boy Shiboya. Shiboya! Wassuuuuuuuup?!

The whole rest of the show is “transcribed” here, and paired with some nice photos (like the one above).

We also like Carlos Reyes’ coverage.

One Response to “Red Bull Recap”

  1. Jesse says:

    hmm they missed the part when they asked the Chinatown team to speak “Oriental talk.”

    no lie.

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