Late-Night Procession

Video by le.

5 Responses to “Late-Night Procession”

  1. no one in particular says:

    The Day of the Dead parade was ironically the only time I’ve been on 24th Street and not seen a single Mexican.

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  3. zinzin says:

    we went and had a great time. my kid was all dressed up as a skeleton and he loved it. we did our own shrine at the house for some dearly departeds.

    the crowd by my reckoning was indeed quite Caucasian… but not all Caucasian. plenty of Latino folks in the mix.

    but i get the comment.

    oh, mission…when will you be satisfactory? it’s just like the weather in SF….SOMEONE always complaining about the mission (me included).

  4. guero says:

    Yes. they were all hiding from those crazy gabachos! They probably found the smell of marijuana, incense, and B.O. as offensive as I did. I too, like zinzin, took the kid and we had a good time anyways. You gotta take them where you can get them in the Mission.

  5. zinzin says:

    ha. my kid could apparently tell the difference between weed & incense (he’s 4).

    it was hard to explain.

    viva la mision.

  6. jimbeam says:

    I didn’t get all of the campaigning. Other than that it was awesome