Myles the FREE Barber


Myles from Imsoooconfused has found his calling, and while he prepares to go pro, he’s offering freebies:

I can make your dreams come true.

HOURS 8am-1pm (then my siesta) 7pm-11:45pm

Man hair cuts for free at my apartment in the Mission (or I can come to your house). If you want to tip, all money will go to your choice of Woman Inc. or Magnet SF.

Haircuts are free until I get my license.

I can do all looks to suit your personal style persuasion. Scissor cuts or clippers.

Contact info at the Myles the FREE Barber Facebook Page.

One Response to “Myles the FREE Barber”

  1. Plug1 says:

    a 6-hour siesta? i admire his work ethic.