Radio Show

On Christmas, I got to be a substitute DJ at my sister’s radio station. It was a family affair, so the first bit was my sister, the second bit was my cousin, the third bit was my ex-girlfriend, and the last 90 minutes was me. You can dance to most all of it I’m pretty sure. I played a fair amount of local stuff, including some Omer. If you want to listen, it can be streamed for the next 24 hours or so at the KDVS website.

First two hours.

Third hour.

Fourth hour.

One Response to “Radio Show”

  1. meave says:

    I am excited to listen to this! I used to work in the basement around the corner from KDVS when I was at Davis, it’s such a good station. They are really selective with their DJs, your sister must have some taste & talent to be there.