Very Busy


I’ve been trying to write a thing about The Limousines and their song “Very Busy People” for daaays, but just haven’t been able to get it together.

See, last week I came across a syntheticpubes post featuring the song and the following commentary: “oh hey I found the Tumblr anthem.” (Link.) The song talks about playing video games, eating candy, drinking, making mix tapes, Photoshopping pictures of yourself, watching pixelated porn, watching Donnie Darko over and over, and downloading a lot of illegal music. And then the epic chorus goes:

We are… Very Busy People!!

Anyway, every time I sit down and try to put two sentences together on this thing, I end up over on Twitter, or on my blog, or buried in Google Reader, or watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Hulu, or catching up on emails I should’ve responded to weeks ago, or I download the entire Hot Chip catalog and have myself a little listening party (during which I couldn’t possibly try to write – must concentrate on the music, and read tweets). Or, I get up to play ping pong or foosball, or tinker with my bike, or eat a meatloaf sandwich or a bag of 4505 Meats Chicharrones, or a pack of Haribo Goldbären, or a wedge of goat gouda. And after any of those activities, I’ve got to go wash my hands, and on my way back from that maybe I make a phone call or get thirsty.

I’m a very busy person.

And the Limousines are too, but I managed to get them on the phone the other day. They met online a while back and started making music together way before the met in real life. But they finally got together, and they started playing shows and building up a fan base. And though they’re still into reading Perez Hilton, and though they acknowledge the power of Twitter to somehow maybe bolster the creative process (John Mayer’s bowel movement tweets notwithstanding), they managed to ignore their Xbox and focus for long enough to write and record what just may prove to be their generation’s “My Generation.” Or at the very least, the Tumblr anthem.

They promise 2009 will be their year, and though my judgment here is colored by my own very busy lifestyle, I see zero reason why it shouldn’t be.

The Limousines open for Har Mar Superstar tonight at Rickshaw Stop, 7pm. The show is all ages and admission is $12.

4 Responses to “Very Busy”

  1. Ms.Wright says:

    You need to act your age. Seriously. Grow up.

  2. tk says:

    A Har Mar Superstar show is all ages? What a world.

  3. bub says:

    clever. very clever.

  4. kiya says:

    Their fan-base seems to mostly exist of 16 year old girls..