Paxton Gate Missed Connection

Poetry from the delicate flower that is Valencia Street:

Paxton’s Gate – w4m – 21 (mission district)

I was seriously considering buying a fox tail.
You were behind the counter, occupied with a pile of rocks.

My friend and I were admiring the collection of beetles when you asked if I had gotten my shirt at Thrift Town. I said that I had and you told me that you had almost bought it and that I looked good in it. I thanked you and walked awkwardly away to fiddle with the ostrich eggs while you disappeared into the back room…

My friend and I lingered for a bit near the venus fly traps hoping you’d reappear, but you never did.

Let’s go thrifting, handsome.



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One Response to “Paxton Gate Missed Connection”

  1. pew says:

    “delicate flower?” i see what you did there.