Yay Kittens!


Reader mcas came across this pair somewhere near We Be. Is anybody getting as sick of “street art” as I am?

I kid, I kid! Thanks, mcas! (Click to enlarge.)


Rick the Cat


Salted Licquorice Ice Cream: Inspired By Kittens

Meth Cats

2 Responses to “Yay Kittens!”

  1. actually i am kinda over it. i feel that street art, like street fashion has kinda eaten itself with it’s own cliches. i think we need something different- definitely not a return to anything, especially anything ‘higher culture’ but away from the cartoon/graffitti/kitsch/cute/japanese aesthetic that dominate this style of art

  2. lardtub says:

    shut it aaron. kittens will never be ugly, so stop trying to rain on our parade.

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