Pig Panic on Capp

Kevin Monty says:

Just saw someone walking down Capp wearing a face-mask. Seriously people?



Pork Purveyor Ryan Farr Says No to Swine Flu

12 Responses to “Pig Panic on Capp”

  1. Seen a lady every morning on Divis wearing a mask. Also saw one crossing Geary @ Divis, but considering Kaiser is there, that could be for something else,

  2. fsharp says:

    I saw a bus driver wearing a mask yesterday on Folsom and 24th. It was ridiculously low exposing her nose so I guess it was just for show.

  3. plumpy says:

    Face masks as fashion accessories?

  4. plumpy says:

    Also, there were these:


    That second one is next door to my house. I could see her from my window. She sat there for over an hour. If you’re really so worried about porkaids, why don’t you just stay inside?

  5. mark says:

    there was a guy on the 10 this morning wearing a mask, and anytime someone coughed or cleared their throat or made any sort of noise he would stare daggers at them.

  6. brittney says:

    Saw this lady this morning on BART.

  7. Ariel. says:

    If you can’t handle the swine, stay off Capp St.

  8. G. says:

    Saw someone on BART this morning covering her face with her sweathshirt. She then lowered it to ask another passenger if the Examiner she was reading had info on swine flu. The passenger said it did, and sweatshirt face proceeded to cover her face again.

  9. katrina says:

    Maybe he has allergies. Or is a surgeon. Or just felt like going incognito for the day. No need to panic about panic just yet. To clarify, was it a pig-nose mask?

  10. sea cliff vert ramp says:

    People have been wearing the masks in public in Asian countries for years. In Japan, it’s a sign of politeness to wear one if you have a cold so you don’t infect others. These don’t masks don’t really work but I guess it’s the thought that counts.

  11. johnny0 says:

    oh noes, bacon flu!

    Japanese banks had to start asking customers to remove masks as there was a string of bank robberies by people, you guessed it, wearing masks.

    Masks are big during the spring allergy season too.