Missionites Embrace Online News Sources

So says this gripping report by David McClymonds of the Golden Gate [X]press:

Neighborhood-focused Web sites such as Mission Mission, Burrito Justice and Mission Loc@l are enjoying a steady rise of daily clicks from locals and foreigners alike. Instead of coughing up change for the Sunday edition paper, readers are now using that $2.00 to buy a cup of coffee and read the news from their laptop computers and cell phones, free of charge.

Mission district residents use blogs for news

10 Responses to “Missionites Embrace Online News Sources”

  1. meave says:

    That is one awkwardly written article. Student papers can be so bad about that sort of thing, like, their reporters should be on the up-and-up, but they write like Andy Rooney, Jrs. “Coughing up,” ugh.

  2. Eric says:

    meave, the GGXpress is always written this poorly, or at least it was the entire time I was at SF State.

  3. 18th at Harrison says:

    I am not going to stand in the way of all you folks who are rooting for Mission Local. Me, I ain’t. Mission Local is a beautiful, well designed, well written piece of crap. I say so because it is so a la dotcom in its false sense of entitlement, knowingness and righteousness. It is to web journalism what Chris Daly is to politics. A pox. As for the other two, labors of love by people who aren’t subsidized by someone else’s (non-advertiser) money, you are my heroes. But Mission Local is propaganda parading as something else.

    • meave says:

      Mission Loc@l is an online “newspaper,” I thought, whereas Burrito Justice and Mission Mission are neighborhood blogs. They’re different animals; lumping them together because they all share a subject doesn’t lead to an accurate assessment of any of them.

    • johnny0 says:

      Yeah, I’d be hard pressed to consider myself ‘news’. WhatImEating.com is more like it.

      I give ML full credit for wearing out shoe leather (or adidas rubber) in digging into stories, something the day job gets in the way of.

    • shh says:

      Mission Local isn’t “propaganda.” You’ve got to be kidding. What hidden agenda do you suppose they are trying to push?

      Folks, it’s right there on their about page. It’s “a project of the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California.” There’s nothing mysterious about it, and if the writing sometimes seems a bit uneven that’s because it’s largely written by journalism students.

  4. zinzin says:

    @18th… re: ML, i do applaud their occasional coverage of recent-immigrant-community issues for presentation to a white audience. that’s a place where they fill a void, even if it’s mostly fluff pieces.

    i would agree that the political slant of ML is pretty well obvious, and i also agree with the Chris Daly analogy. accurate on many levels.

    that said, i can’t agree with your comment about ML being “well written”.

    • meave says:

      Oh not entirely white, they do have a Spanish-language version as well.

      I don’t mean to come off as a big defender/supporter of ML, just, you know, when one criticizes, one ought to criticize factually, right?

      PS: I agree, the writing is missing something. Like an editor or two to carve it into good news reporting.

      • zinzin says:

        yes i know they have a spanish version. they kind of have to, credibility-wise.

        but i would think their readership is primarily white (urban, liberal, educated)…

        i am saying, their coverage of recent-immigrant-community issues for that audience is unique and should be recognized & lauded.

        that was the one part where i wasn’t criticizing, actually.

  5. $2.00 for a cup of coffee? Obviously not going to philz…