Thrift Town Building For Sale, $15M

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Says reader Chris L., pointing us toward this Craigslist ad and adding, “ps. Can I borrow 15 million dollars?” Unlikely, Chris, but it does raise the question: Who are what is going to pony up such a chunk of change? And what all could you do with it, and what would become of the pimps and hos holding court out front?

6 Responses to “Thrift Town Building For Sale, $15M”

  1. 18th at Harrison says:

    Under all the crap, its a great building on a great corner for sale at a bizarre time. With Corner Restaurant and Weird Fish and the soon-to-open vegan mexican place opening all around… I would say the American Apparel should buy it and make it their new world HQ… and then they should float a giant-assed Macy’s Day parade-sized hipster-emo-caricature of a balloon off the roof.

  2. zinzin says:

    LOTS of buildings for sale on (and in the) mission….

    the building at the corner of 18th & mission – deco front, i think it’s a 99 cent store – for sale. 4 – 5M

    2390 Mission – corner of 20th & mission – has the yoga studios in it – for sale. 3 – 4M

    building on Mission just north of 15th, across from the armory. big parking lot to the north of the building. for sale. 5M.

    19th & mission – furniture center – just sold last year to MEDA. 2M i think. they’re building out now.


    the monk’s kettle building @ albion & 16th, with SRO on top (just like a cherry): for sale. 1.5M

    the goodwill on Mission between 18 & 19: for sale. 1.5M

    almost all the big buildings are zoned “mixed use” in the new eastern neighborhoods zoning, which means just that: mixed. use.

    hard (but not impossible, i don’t think) to convert to residential.

    be interesting to see what happens.

    for the thrift town, i’d like to see another version of that artist’s building on treat….small spaces, affordably rented to artists, practitioners, etc. my tattoo person is in there. it’s really very nice.

    that or, you know, yuppie condos.

    • olu says:

      yeah more condos!

      in all seriousness, i am glad that a number of condos seem to be in the works. a slight increase in the number of well heeled neighbors will increase exponentially the attention paid to the neighborhood by the city.

      I don’t think they could convert the building, because doesn’t the zoning go with the land/neighborhood as well as the building? (could be wrong though)

      • zinzin says:

        i was (pretty much) kidding about the condos. there’s already plenty to be built (all the corner parking lots will become condos).

        i think your point about increased attention to the hood is unfortunately true. i don’t really understand why….

        but i guess since the voice of the mission has always been the voice of the advocacy community, a certain kind of “attention” really isn’t in the vocabulary. attention to crime, quality of life issues, etc.

        personally, i think there could be a new mission voice, one that takes both angles into account…could be good for everyone.

        far as zoning, it’s the parcel and the building. the building COULD be converted, but it would be expensive, time consuming and political. doesn’t make it impossible…

        i’d rather see it become a huge hive of creative use space. artists, small businesses, practitioners, small fabricators, etc. or they could build that on the bruno’s parking lot.

  3. Lynae says:

    That building’s actually been for sale for a long time, regularly listed on Craigslist. Thrift Town is signed on a really really long lease, so even if it sells, I doubt they’d be going anywhere.

    • zinzin says:

      that’s probably true of many of these buildings. developers – if motivated – can pay lease holders to vacate, but it’s atypical in this economic environ, in this hood.

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