Mission Loc@l Livetweets the Scene of McDonald's

One of my favorite activities is reading the #mlnow feed on twitter so I can steal the tips sent to Mission Loc@l and post them here.  Yesterday was a particularly riveting day as Mission Loc@l reporter Armand Emamdjomeh spent the entire day hanging out at the McDonald’s on 24th and Mission.  Here are the highlights:

A little self-deprecation?:

730 am and the place is bustling. Amazed by the people socializing, reading or just…staring. #mlnow (link)

Apparently McDonald’s has some unspoken racial segregation:

Who knew mcdonald’s was such a meeting space? Mexicans, Salvadorans, Chapines, to each their own corner. Quieting down now. #mlnow (link)

Nothing says romance like a nutritious Happy Meal with apple slices:

Two boys just got up the nerve to go sit down w two girls across the restaurant. Godspeed! #mlnow (link)

Ultimately, it sounds like a pretty boring place to hang out.  No surprises there.

3 Responses to “Mission Loc@l Livetweets the Scene of McDonald's”

  1. el guapo says:

    The scene is way more interesting at Popeye’s.

  2. luchagrande says:

    “Ultimately, it sounds like a pretty boring place to hang out. No surprises there.”

    I’m feeling you! Definitely not as cool or interesting like the dozens of bloggers hyping about the mission street food scene, fixies, Valencia Street businesses, or the latest in sidewalk stencils.

    Like WTF is so important about Mexicans, Salvadorans, and Chapines socializing at McDonalds.