New Dealers in the Park

Intriguing exchange in the comments of another post, regarding an alleged increase in drug commerce in Dolores Park. Is it true?

5 Responses to “New Dealers in the Park”

  1. muniridin says:

    there’s usually a truffle or two.

  2. zinzin says:

    be interesting to know if it’s actually true. makes sense i guess…bigger crowds, increased demand, increased ability to lurk in a crowd.

    lots more folks tripping into the hood from all over, to experience the well documented hip & happening mission scene these days (we’ve been my generation’s “north beach” for 20 years already)…and often to peddle their wares, whatever they may be.

    drug sales (and prostitution sales) are always up in a down economy. maybe vegan baked goods too…i hope so.

    hope the assertion regarding an imminent “shooting” is incorrect though. (duh).

    a shooting – bad in its own right of course – might beget a law enforcement crackdown on the DP scene (yeah right), which might then beget a “progressive” riot regarding…i dunno…

    right to assemble?
    right to litter?
    right to shoot?
    tenant’s rights?
    a hobo’s right to his favorite patch of nappin’ grass? ((c) beth spotswood)

    going to be an interesting summer regardless.

    let’s hope everyone stays safe & has fun.

  3. allan why haven’t you written about the real story which is the COOL KID PANDEMIC of KANGAROO FLU????

  4. Andrew says:

    A law enforcement crackdown in Dolores Park? That was my July 4th last year. A bunch of friends and I were just chillin’ and grillin’ (the latter of which was not allowed), and the atmosphere in the foggy park was draconian and oppressive. Beat cops were walking up and and own the rows of people and bustin’ people for booze and grills.

    It’s the Fourth of July people! And you’re hassling people over some paper-bagged beer and wine and a couple low profile gas grills. They made a Frenchman pour out his wine! We are talking dangerous territory here.

    • zinzin says:

      it’s tough to reconcile stupid shit like this – i’ve had it happen to me too, and been offended, and i am pro-cop – with the need to keep potential violence…fights (and shootings?)…in check.

      cops would say they need to keep a lid on everything so as to manage the overall simmer.

      i think that’s a bunch of bullshit. but it’s not solely the cops fault.

      there are 2 issues i see:

      1, there aren’t enough cops to have them make judgment calls or become part of the community – to actually know people & scenes – only “enforce” the “law” in a robotic manner – because your average beat cop is overworked and underpaid and generally disrespected in sf.

      so they can’t (or won’t) tell the difference between harmless chillin & grillin (and drinkin and smokin), and a potentially violent scene that will create danger even for the most grit-loving mission dweller (bullets kill grit-lovers too, even by accident).

      2, is the abhorrent situation with the SF DA. cops work all day & night to bring in bad guys, and in many many cases – particularly for things like hard drug peddling and prostitution – they’re back on the street in the same day.

      can’t make for an uplifting life for a cop. most of em just want to keep the peace, not get killed, and then go home to chill & grill (and drink & smoke).